German-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Auslandshandelskammer AHK Frankreich / Chambre Franco-Allemande de Commerce et d’Industrie (CFACI) AHK Frankreich: Bridging Business Opportunities Between Germany and France For decades, the relationship between Germany and France has been one of Europe’s most pivotal alliances. It’s not just about diplomacy and politics; it’s also about thriving business connections. The AHK Frankreich, or the German-French

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German Accelerator

In the heart of Europe’s most potent economic landscape, the German startup ecosystem stands as a testament to innovation, scalability, and global ambition. A significant proponent of this ecosystem is the German Accelerator, which, since its inception in 2012, has served as a launchpad for startups aspiring to make their mark on the global stage.

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Bitkom, also known as “Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e. V.”, is Germany’s premier association for the digital industry, having its roots in the merger of several prominent associations back in 1999. This merger aimed to consolidate similar missions under a unified leadership. Though it started with member associations, by 2000, Bitkom expanded its

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German Startups Association

In the bustling startup ecosystem of Europe, each country is crafting its own unique environment for young businesses to flourish. While France boasts La French Tech, an ambitious project to spotlight and accelerate French startups globally, its neighbor Germany has been equally proactive in cultivating a thriving startup culture. Central to this ecosystem is the

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France Digitale

France Digitale: Championing European Digital Innovation Amidst the vast expanse of the European tech landscape, few entities have championed digital innovation with as much fervor as France Digitale. As French and German tech ecosystems increasingly find synergies, understanding the ethos and influence of France Digitale becomes pivotal. Understanding France Digitale Founded in 2012, France Digitale

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French Associations and Organisations in Berlin

More than 30,000 French citizens are registered in Berlin. You can find them integrated in many German organizations, but they also are active in initiatives that have some French aspect, in various domains (culture, economy, tourism, education, politics… ) and various legal forms (association, company, unofficial group…). The city of Berlin is very international and

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