OMR Podcast

The “OMR Podcast”, primarily presented in German, has carved a niche for itself in the expansive world of podcasting. With episodes numbering well over 600 since its inception in 2015, the show has seen exponential growth in both content and audience. The podcast is hosted by Philipp Westermeyer.

Core Themes and Subjects

At its core, the OMR Podcast delves deep into the realms of entrepreneurship, marketing, and technology. Episodes often revolve around the intricacies of starting and scaling businesses, the challenges of the digital age, and the strategies employed by modern companies to reach their audience. The word “Unternehmen”, which translates to “company” or “enterprise”, frequently pops up, indicating a strong focus on businesses and startups.

Guest Appearances

The podcast is renowned for its diverse range of guests. From industry stalwarts like Sven Schmidt, Tarek Müller, Florian Heinemann or Lea-Sophie Cramer to experts from various fields, the show offers a plethora of perspectives. Notable mentions include appearances by representatives from globally recognized companies like Amazon. Discussions with these guests often revolve around their professional journeys, the challenges they’ve faced, and their insights into the current market scenario.

Special Episodes and Highlights

Apart from its regular episodes, the OMR Podcast often brings “special episodes” to its listeners. These episodes might focus on specific events, like the “OMR Festival”, or deep-dive into particular subjects. The recurring term “Warum”, which translates to “Why”, suggests episodes that address questions or explore the reasons behind various phenomena in the business world.

Moreover, the podcast seems to have episodes dedicated to specific companies or brands, with “About You” being a notable mention. These episodes likely dissect the company’s strategies, growth trajectories, and market presence.


The OMR Podcast is a treasure trove for anyone keen on understanding the business landscape, especially in the German-speaking world. With its rich content, expert guests, and varied topics, it offers valuable insights and learnings for entrepreneurs, marketers, and enthusiasts alike.

Episodes per year

2015: 5 episodes
2016: 52 episodes
2017: 59 episodes
2018: 58 episodes
2019: 79 episodes
2020: 103 episodes
2021: 104 episodes
2022: 109 episodes
2023: 82 episodes (as of september 17th 2023)

Most invited guests

  1. Sven Schmidt (47 episodes)
  2. Tarek Müller (14 episodes)
  3. Florian Heinemann (14 episodes)
  4. Pip Klöckner (7 episodes)
  5. Frank Thelen (5 episodes)
  6. Alexander Graf (5 episodes)
  7. Scott Galloway (4 episodes)
  8. Paul Ripke (4 episodes)
  9. Sascha Lobo (4 episodes)
  10. Lea-Sophie Cramer (4 episodes)


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