Doppelgänger Podcast

In the expansive landscape of digital podcasting, the “Doppelgänger Tech Talk” has found its niche. Hosted by Philipp Glöckler and Philipp “Pip” Klöckner, two figures from the German tech scene, the podcast is steadily gaining attention beyond its home country. For French startups exploring the tech domain, the insights from this platform might offer some […]

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Fast and Curious podcast

In the bustling world of German startups, two names stand out with increasing prominence: Lea-Sophie Cramer and Verena Pausder. These dynamic entrepreneurs have come together to launch “Fast & Curious”, a podcast that promises to be an illuminating beacon for anyone navigating the German business landscape. Lea-Sophie Cramer, celebrated for founding the online erotic shop

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Startup Insider Podcast

The Startup Insider Podcast has firmly entrenched itself as a cornerstone of the German startup and entrepreneurial landscape. What began as a newsletter for German startups evolved in May 2020 into the Startup Insider Podcast, a daily delve into the beating heart of the startup scene. With its consistent delivery of three episodes daily, it

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T3N Podcast

The t3n Podcast is an audio extension of the renowned t3n magazine, recognized as one of Germany’s leading tech podcasts. The episodes, typically spanning 30 to 45 minutes, delve into pressing digital topics of the day, discussing areas like innovative leadership, blockchain’s golden era, AI research, smart gadgets, and the startup ecosystem. These episodes often

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OMR Podcast

The “OMR Podcast”, primarily presented in German, has carved a niche for itself in the expansive world of podcasting. With episodes numbering well over 600 since its inception in 2015, the show has seen exponential growth in both content and audience. The podcast is hosted by Philipp Westermeyer. Core Themes and Subjects At its core,

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