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In the expansive landscape of digital podcasting, the “Doppelgänger Tech Talk” has found its niche. Hosted by Philipp Glöckler and Philipp “Pip” Klöckner, two figures from the German tech scene, the podcast is steadily gaining attention beyond its home country. For French startups exploring the tech domain, the insights from this platform might offer some fresh perspectives.

Philipp Glöckler has been active in the internet sector for quite some time. His portfolio includes founding Avocadostore, a noteworthy online marketplace for sustainable products in Germany, and dabbling in the sharing economy with ‘WHY own it’. Additionally, he’s consulted on marketing, OKR, and product strategies for various businesses.

Philipp Klöckner, commonly referred to as Pip, has been involved with over 100 startups in his 15-year career, with a handful reaching the unicorn status. His experience ranges from roles at, a major price comparison platform in Germany, to shaping digital marketplaces for Rocket Internet.

The podcast, released bi-weekly, is a platform where the two hosts discuss recent events and trends in technology, startups, and the internet at large. Their discussions traverse a range of topics, from major tech players like GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) to more niche areas like digital marketing, blockchain, and the likes.

Their analytical approach, coupled with their shared experiences in the tech industry, has garnered them a consistent listenership. With a bi-weekly audience of over 40,000, it’s clear that their content has found resonance among a certain segment of tech enthusiasts.

Analysis of the latest episodes topics

The Doppelgänger Tech Talk podcast covers a broad range of technology and business topics, evident from the recent episodes. Here’s a synthesis and analysis of the themes and subjects they’ve touched on:

1. Tech and Software Giants’ Activities:
  • Apple: The podcast seems to discuss Apple in various contexts, from potential missteps (“Apple Cringe”) to its issues in China.
  • Microsoft: The unbundling of Microsoft Teams is mentioned, reflecting a trend in software where large platforms are breaking their offerings into more specialized services.
  • Amazon: Various facets of Amazon’s business, from their interactions with third-party sellers to their private label strategy and potential antitrust issues, are touched upon.
  • Google: Topics like Google’s earnings, antitrust issues, and investments in other companies (like Runway) are discussed.
2. Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Earnings:
  • There’s a recurring theme of discussing company IPOs, such as Birkenstock and Instacart, indicating a healthy startup ecosystem and interest in public market dynamics.
  • Earnings of various tech companies are frequently discussed, providing insights into the financial health and performance of these companies.
3. AI and Automation:
  • AI’s potential impact on Amazon sellers, its implications for knowledge-based professions, and its broader role in business and society are recurring topics.
  • Companies that deal with AI, like OpenAI, are also discussed, showing the increasing importance of AI in the tech landscape.
4. Market Dynamics and Business Strategies:
  • Episodes touch on acquisitions (e.g., Rolex acquiring Bucherer), strategic moves by companies like Nvidia, and business models like the VC & PE fund logic.
  • There’s also a focus on market trends, such as the potential growth of the cannabis market.
5. Global Affairs:
  • International affairs, like Apple’s China problem, indicate the podcast’s attention to the broader implications of tech in global politics and economics.
6. Miscellaneous Topics:
  • From the world of sports (Barça Media) to the world of fashion (Rolex and Bucherer), the podcast covers a diverse range of topics, indicating a holistic approach to tech and its intersection with various industries.
  • There’s also a mention of environmental issues (1Komma5Grad), showing an awareness of global challenges.

The Doppelgänger Tech Talk podcast offers a comprehensive overview of the tech industry, blending discussions on big tech companies with insights into startups, financial markets, and broader societal implications. The focus on earnings and IPOs suggests a business-savvy audience keen on financial metrics and market dynamics.

Their attention to AI underscores the technology’s significance in today’s business world, while discussions on global affairs like Apple’s challenges in China highlight the interconnectedness of tech, politics, and global economics.

In essence, the podcast offers a blend of deep dives into specific company actions, broader industry trends, and the societal implications of technology.


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