T3N Podcast

The t3n Podcast is an audio extension of the renowned t3n magazine, recognized as one of Germany’s leading tech podcasts. The episodes, typically spanning 30 to 45 minutes, delve into pressing digital topics of the day, discussing areas like innovative leadership, blockchain’s golden era, AI research, smart gadgets, and the startup ecosystem. These episodes often feature a blend of t3n’s editorial team and external guests, offering varied and expert perspectives.

Every Monday, the podcast provides a weekly briefing by Editor-in-Chief Stephan Dörner, addressing five prominent topics of the week. Additionally, different podcast formats like “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Catch Up”, and “Interview” ensure comprehensive coverage of the digital world.

Originating from the t3n magazine, which started its journey in 2005, the brand has grown to encompass an expansive online platform, t3n.de, emphasizing the digital economy. Over the years, t3n has solidified its reputation, evolving from a singular focus on the CMS Typo3 to a broader digital content umbrella, making it an authoritative voice in Germany’s digital landscape

Episodes per year
2015 : 5 episodes
2016 : 10 episodes
2017 : 50 episodes
2018 : 50 episodes
2019 : 51 episodes
2020 : 95 episodes
2021 : 101 episodes
2022 : 100 episodes
2023 : 68 episodes (September 17th 2023)

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