Carsten Maschmeyer

From Financial Empire Builder to “Die Höhle der Löwen” Investor

Carsten Maschmeyer is a name that resonates deeply within the German entrepreneurial landscape. Born in Bremen, his initial career trajectory aimed at the medical field. However, fate had other plans. To finance his studies, he took a side job at a wealth management firm. The allure of numbers and finance soon overshadowed his medical aspirations, leading to his eventual exmatriculation due to excessive absences during his studies.

In 1987, Maschmeyer’s professional journey took a pivotal turn when he joined the Allgemeiner Wirtschaftsdienst (AWD), taking on the leadership of the financial operation. Under his guidance, AWD soared to new heights and went public in 2000. The success story continued as the Swiss insurance giant, Swiss Life, acquired the company. However, success often comes with its share of controversies. Both Maschmeyer and AWD faced significant criticism for certain business practices. These controversies culminated in 2010, a year after his departure from the AWD board, with a report titled “Abzocker Maschmeyer” aired on the ARD program, Panorama.

Despite the past controversies, Maschmeyer’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t end. He made a striking comeback as an investor on the popular TV show, “Die Höhle der Löwen”. His participation in this show significantly contributed to refurbishing his image in the public eye.

Maschmeyer frequently emphasizes the importance of visualizing one’s goals in his interviews. At 64, he feels he’s already living his personal “happy ending”, finding fulfillment in various aspects of his life – from his family and garden to his role as an investor. His mantra? “I want to be a good founding father.”

His journey in “Die Höhle der Löwen” began in its third season. Known for his affinity for numbers, he established Seed & Speed Ventures specifically to support the startups from the show. His investments typically range between 50,000 and 3,000,000 Euros. Entrepreneurs who strike a deal with Maschmeyer benefit immensely from his expertise in sales setup, financing, and his advertising collaborations with VIP testimonials. His investment preferences lean towards scalable business models, especially in the IT and health sectors. Out of the numerous deals he’s closed on the show, nearly 60 have been actualized.

Some of Maschmeyer’s notable investments include FOODGUIDE, an app likened to Tinder but for restaurants and dishes, and Parodont, a cream designed to alleviate gum-related issues using black cumin oil. Another significant investment is in Finanzguru, an app that consolidates users’ accounts, provides overviews, and highlights saving potentials. This became one of his most significant investments, with him acquiring 15% of the company for 1,000,000 Euros.

Beyond the show, Maschmeyer’s business acumen is evident in his numerous ventures. He’s founded several companies and invested in diverse startups under his umbrella corporation, the Maschmeyer Group. His company ALSTIN focuses on growth-oriented businesses, while Paladin Asset Management Investment AG targets stock market-oriented companies.

In conclusion, Carsten Maschmeyer’s journey from a budding medical student to one of Germany’s most recognized investors is nothing short of inspirational. His resilience, combined with his ability to transform and adapt, makes him a stalwart figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

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