Building e-health success stories in France and Germany

Thu, Nov 25, 2021, 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

116 online attendees

The story of French and German companies in the field of e-health becoming going franco-german.

  • Or how to approach the French market when you are German, how to approach the German market when you are French?
  • How are these companies financed?
  • What to do with data, the issue of security, the patients, their right to be forgotten?Dr. Ilias Tsimpoulis, Managing Director | Geschäftsführer at Doctolib GmbH


  • Maximilian Greschke, Founder & CEO at Recare. Big Data Engineer.
  • Egbert Schillings, Chief International Business Development Officer at Lifen


  • Dr. Claire Gräf, Medical Doctor-Radiologist / Med & Healthtech, Partner


  • Marie-Avril Roux Steinkuehler Certified IP/IT Lawyer  in Berlin and Paris
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