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10 Years – 10 Awards


Ambassade de France, Berlin


Organized by La French Tech in Germany

On October 26th, 2023, the French Embassy in Berlin will host “La French Tech, 10 years, 10 awards”, a grand celebration of the thriving German and French startup landscape. This initiative, organized by French Tech Berlin in collaboration with La French Tech Düsseldorf and La French Tech Munich, aims to foster Franco-German collaborations in innovation and technology.

Preselection Jury of the 10 Awards

  • 1 representative of French Tech Berlin board
  • 1 representative of La French Tech Düsseldorf board
  • 1 representative of La French Tech Munich board
  • 1 representative of BNP Paribas
  • 1 representative of French German Tech Lab

Jury of the 10 Awards

Timeline of the 10 Awards

  • September 20th Applications open
  • October 13th midnight Applications deadline
  • October 16th Pre-jury selects the startups nominated
  • October 20-23th Jury votes
  • October 26th Winners announcement at the French Embassy in Berlin

10 Awards

  • 🏆 Breakthrough DeepTech Innovation
  • 🏆 Best Ambassador for EU Sovereignty (with BNP Paribas)
  • 🏆 Best DEI or Social Startup
  • 🏆 Best Woman in Business
  • 🏆 Best Green Startup (with BNP Paribas)
  • 🏆 Best Go-to-Market in Germany
  • 🏆 Best Go-to-Market in France
  • 🏆 Best Program in Education
  • 🏆 Best VC / Investor
  • 🏆 French-German Tech Lab Award (AHK)


The application must be accompanied by a pitch, the form and length of which is free, together with a powerpoint slides (five slides maximum) or a 2-minute video.

The candidates selected following examination of their application undertake to be present to receive their award on stage at the ceremony on 26 October evening at the French Embassy in Berlin, through their company founders/general manager.

Their participation in this event will be an opportunity to meet key players in the Franco-German business world, and to enrich their network at the same time.

Application Formular

Please also send your pitch (2 minute video and/or 5 “powerpoint” slides) per email at


Who can apply ?
Companies in France and Germany.

Who chooses the winners ?
Representatives of the French-German Tech ecosystem.

How do I apply ?
On the formular of this page.

How to contact the organisation if I need more information ?

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