How to fight cyberattacks?

Did you know, Ransomware attacks multiplied by 4 in 2020 compared to 2019 (ANSSI – Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information) ? That more than half of the companies attacked go bankrupt ? That before an attack, “Advanced Persistent Threat” (APT) is maybe already happening silently inside your company, performed by professional hackers who are just waiting for the right moment to attack your company ? This topic might seem invisible and far away as long as it’s not happening in your company. Maybe it also feels too complex ? Is there any difference between the French ( Campus Cyber ) and the German market ? What about Europe future regulations about cybersecurity ? There are now solutions available on the market to protect your company, with some great startups. We invited them to discuss in this lunch talk, they will explain how you can fight cyberattacks and strengthen your cybersecurity in your company.

We have a great panel that will make the whole XDR / EDR / NDR / SIEM / ISO/IEC 27001 topic super easy to understand.

Olaf Müller-Haberland, TEHTRIS

Benjamin Rohé, MONARCH


Stefan Bange, CybelAngel

Moderation :

André Pitié, French Tech Berlin

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